Can't view list of projects?


I can not find anything in the help resembling what my screen looks like. I have no lists in the side bar, and only have my tasks.

Like many others, I want to be able to see all of my projects in an overview.

Help please.


Can you share a screenshot? Are you part of an Organization or a Workspace?

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Thanks for the quick reply. Here is my screen with everything showing as possible. I am part of an organization.


In the sidebar you have the team you are part of (Sanki global) and the project of that team (blog podcast). What did you expect exactly?


I expected to see at least a list of all projects. Only one project shows up. (Obviously there are more projects)

Better yet would be a visual that included project progress etc. so that managers could easily see projects compared and do things like redirect assets to different projects as needed.

It has been a while since I last used Asana, but it seems it has become more orientated towards task and lower level management rather than managing multiple projects at once.


There are 5 projects on the left, you can only see the tasks of one project at a time. What you are referring are dashboards (link at the top) and projects statuses (Progress tab in a project).

In an Org, projects are organized inside teams. On the left you have a list of teams and for each of them their projects.

Asana Certified Pro, consultant, author and developer