Can't submit comments with photo attachment

Attaching a photo to a comment causes the submit button to disappear. When the on screen keyboard is activated, the photos resize and when the keyboard is deactivated the submit button is briefly visible until the photos resize again that either hides the button or push it off screen. Deleting photos restores the button to a visible location.

Steps to reproduce: start comment, attach photo, activate/deactivate on screen keyboard to see button briefly

Browser version: Android 10 chrome, OnePlus 7T

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @Bryan_Chan1 and thanks for reaching out!

Could you please try to reinstall the app and let us know if the issue persists?

I have the same issue.

It seems that the fresh install or reinstall can’t solve the problem.

Send button disappears while trying to attach a file in comment.

OS; Android
Phone model; Redmi Note 8 pro
Keyboard; Gboard(Google Keyboard)

Hi @Bryan_Chan1 and @Iksoo_Kang,

Thank you both for your reports! I’ve gone ahead and filed a task for our Android Team to investigate this issue Could you please let us know what version of the Asana app you’re using?

@Iksoo_Kang, I see you’re using Gboard (Google Keyboard), could you confirm this is also happening with your built-in keyboard?

Many thanks!

Having the same problem

Samsung s10 Android phone, since 2 days ago, cannot upload photos to a task. Gives message ‘comments only’ Can anyone advise how to fix?

Hi @Karen_Hurst and @John_Hoofnel, thanks for reporting this and sorry for the trouble!

@Karen_Hurst we have an existing thread in our Bugs category. I’ve gone ahead and merged your thread with Can’t submit comments with photo attachment to avoid duplicates.

I’ve sent your reports to our Android Team and we’ll keep this thread updated as soon as we have any updates.

Thanks for your understanding!

Hi everyone!

Our team has confirmed this issue should be fixed in the latest release of the Asana app for Android, version v6.46.6.

Thanks for your patience and I hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions!


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Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:

I cannot attach any files to already existing asana task.

Steps to reproduce:

Browser version: I am using asana on my Samsung s10, app version 6.46.5. Everything was fine until today.

Welcome to the Community Forum @Bernard_Adam!

I’m sorry for the trouble here. We have an existing bug report about this issue and our development team has solved it recently. Please update your app to the latest version v6.46.6.

I’ve also gone ahead and merge your thread with the main report Can't submit comments with photo attachment. I hope you don’t mind!

Let me know if you have any questions.

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