Can't select correct "dependent on" task in my template task



I have a project to track new sales enquiries with a “template task” at the top. In this task are various sub task, so when a new sales enquiry comes in we copy the task, changing the name to the new enquiry name. This standardises how we deal with potential new sales. There are sub tasks such as “Follow up if no response +7 days” which becomes live when the “send fee quote” task is ticked.
Today I wanted to create a new sub task in the template task called: “Archive if no response +21 days” (where we don’t actually archive a task, just tick the new enquiry task to make it disappear from the project view). The problem I have is that when I select “Mark dependent on…” and start typing the name of the previous task in the template, there are so many “follow up if no response” tasks that are suggested in the drop down list, that the one I want isn’t shown and the drop down list just stops at an arbitrary number of options making the correct one un-selectable!

Any suggestions?


I feel you, as I’ve experienced the search issue across our projects based on templates with similarly named tasks.
This is a little bit hack-y, but I wonder if you can temporarily rename the task you’re trying to find something more unusual – string of letter like abcxyz and then link it, then after you’ve added it as a dependent task, rename it to what you actually want it to be. The link should auto-update with the correct task name.


Love it! Thank you super-hacker! :slight_smile: