Can't see tasks in search results



Hi! Maybe someone could help me.

I noticed that some tasks doesn’t show in search results. For example, this task was done on Friday In search like this joxi . ru/Y2LB5WlinYLKGr I don’t see this task. Here is what I see joxi . ru/l2ZEkyKH8YNp3m

First I thought this is because assignation was after task completed http : //joxi . ru/RmzNZwBUW3z8Pm To check it I did search query with no assigned or followed at all - and still can’t see this task joxi . ru/gmvzWw1ixKVkXm

Any ideas how to fix it?

P.S. Please delete extra spaces in URL.


Are you able to reproduce the issue using non-cyrillic alphabet? This is very hard to understand for us :sweat_smile:


Also you can post images as attachment to the post please? Thanks a lot!


Hi Bastien!

Christina from support helped me with this issue. The reason was that I tryed to search on Due date field, but didn’t have Due date in tasks.

I need to find all completed tasks during precise period. Looks like it is not possbile to to this in Asana:frowning:


Ok great!


Hey @1116, Michael from Asana here!

Happy to hear our support Team was able to solve this mystery! We want to thank you for sharing the source of the disconnect here for all our members (present & future) to learn from!

:star: Also, @Christina_Haas is an all star; happy she could help! :star: