Can't see sections in completed task views on desktop



Is there a way to see completed sections when using the Completed Task view for a project using a desktop (i.e. non-mobile app)? I am using a single project for sprints and backlog items and each section represents a new sprint. When viewing completed tasks, I need to see the sections so I know what tasks were completed in each sprint. The sections (i.e. sprints) are set with due dates and completed so I should be able to see the sections in the Complete Task view. Note that I can see the section headers in the iOS app for iPhone. Would appreciate anyone’s help.


Hi Anthony,

I actually suggest that you select the view for “All Tasks”. This will allow you to view completed tasks and the sections to which they belong. Here is an example where the completed section is Technology and the All Tasks


Hi Alexis

Thanks for the suggestion and I’ll use that as a workaround for now. Two

  1. I don’t always want to see open and closed tasks in the same view?
  2. Why is the desktop view inconsistent with the mobile app view?



At this time in order to see completed questions we’ll have to stick with the workaround. I’m not able to speak specifically to why the views are different, but in general a few key factors (among many others) come into how features are structured: user research, market observations, usability in mobile vs. desktop, resources…and more.