Cant see due date in list view


New to Asana. I can’t find out how to see due date in my task list view.

Can I change which columns are visible and or change the order in which they are displayed ?

Thanks for any help

Hi @Sean_Foy can you share a screen shot?

Due date is normally always visible…


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On the contrary, due date seems to only be visible in the list view once a due date is set on a task. If the due date is not set, the field does not show up on the list view. which is annoying because it would be great if the due date field were visible even if one isn’t set since that is a most obvious ‘quick’ thing someone would want to do if they are assigning a task directly from the list view. It would be awesome if the list view had the same quick options as the board view (both assignee AND due date as quick options)!