Cant see description or check list status on the card


Hey guys, is there a reason why I do not see description and check list status on the board card? All I see is assignee, due date and number of comments. Thank you.


Hi @Jay4! I understand how useful it would be to see the task description on each card, however, it would quickly look messy if the descriptions were more than a few words long; I believe this is why we have made the decision not to make the task description visible on the cards (by the way, the description isn’t visible from the task list for List project ether).

That said, if you’re tracking your task status with custom fields ( you can now see them on your cards; check out this article to learn more about this new feature:


@Marie thank your for your response. Yes thats what I meant. I should be able to notice whether there is a comment or checklist with an indicator or something. I cant be opening every task and see whats hiding in there if that makes any sense.