Can't map Task Description in a form field

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The Task Description in a new Form appears as it has already been mapped with a custom field although my form does not have any fields at all.

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Browser version: Desktop app

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Hey @abampakos. This is correct and expected. By default any question in the forms will be added to the task description unless you map it to another field.

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Hey @Paul_Grobler ,

Thank you so much for the reply :pray: Is the default behavior related to the Copy all responses to task description switch at all?

To my understanding its two different things.

  1. If there is no custom field, it will always be added to the description.
  2. If there is a custom field and you map the question to that field, the “Copy all responses to task description” toggle will either let you also add the answer to the description or only add id to the mapped custom field.

Hope that makes sense.


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