Can't leave team/project/org


Our team of three has chosen Asana, after having looked at Monday, Wrike and other alternatives. Asana is great, but I’ve stumbled onto a strange problem right at the beginning, which was not the best debut Asana could have made.

In the past I have quickly looked at Asana, and tried it out, without using it as much as we will now. So I had some old teams/orgs/projects. I deleted the old profiles that had been in use, yet one of my teams that is not visible when I log in via browser, refuses to go away on my iPhone app! Does this means Asana generally has bugs like this? If projects can stick aroudn after deletion, what else is possible? Can projects disappear unasked too?

I hope you can help. Ideally I’d like to have the ENTIRE history associated with my account here deleted, so I can start a fresh Asana eperience. I am way too picky about things to ever be able t accept a ghost project or team hanging around for no good reason.



Hi @Kent_Jensen haven’t seen that problem before best suggestion would be to contact support, as it might be related just to the IOS App…

To contact support: Go to, into “Having Trouble With” and then below you will find a “Still can’t find an answer” button."

Hope that helps and hope to see you in and aroudn the Community.



As @Jason_Woods already mentioned, you’re more than welcome to reach out to our support team, however if the Team only remain visible in the iOS app, I’d try re-installing the app, it will most likely solve your issue!

Hope this helps @Kent_Jensen!