Can't download Asana from Play Store Android

Dear Asana,
We have been trying the Apps on Android phone.
We are 13 working on a project. At least 4 personne can’t download the app on their phone.
Kindly check that the app is available on all the Android version…

It is often not technically possible to do so because you might use librairies that are not available to all Android version…

We had two phones that couldn’t dowload the app.
Now there is four. It was working fine but it requested for an update and disapear from playstore.
If I go from the Asana website link it says :“No eligible devices for app install”

We have a phone that was bought a week ago specially for Asana that can’t download it!

Should we wait for a fix or Asana is not going to do anything about it?


FYI I am not working for Asana.

Do those Androind phone have a very recent or very old Android version?

I checked one phone it says android 5.1
I don’t know if the Android version is old or new but one phone was brought very recently…

You are not working for Asana, is there a way to talk to someone from Asana then, if they don’t intend to fix that problem I will have to seriously think about changing app…

Thank you for your help!

FYI I moved this out of the API forum section as it’s not developer/API related.

@Alexis_Grinand, the way to get in touch with Asana for help is via their support system, using the steps here:

Thank you Phil, I wrote them an email and I’m waiting for an answer…
I checked their support page, it says : " Asana’s Android app is compatible with Android version 5.0 and later."
The phones that I’m having problem with (not eligible or compatible) from Play Store are Android 5.0 , Android 5.1, and Android 5.1.1

Still no answer from Asana!!

Does anyone knows a fix?

Asana used to work on these phones, we didn’t updated Android and Asana looks exactly the same. It must have a work around it…!!