Can't Create New Custom Fields

I’m trying to create a custom field called “priority” to indicate a tasks priority but I keep getting a message that says a custom field with this name already exists. But there is no custom field with that name. Why can’t I create a custom field labeled “priority”?

This is happening when I try to create a custom field and label it “vertical,” too.

Try this free tool: Minimalist Work - Custom Fields. Click on “List the Custom Fields in your Organization”.

It will show you all of the custom fields you have and what if any projects they are used in.


Priority is a custom field that Asana provides. Be careful not to necessarily create duplicate named custom fields. I found initially that the Asana created Priority did not show up until I started typing the name.

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Yep got the issue yesterday, this field already exists by default.

Thank you all for your help. I was able to find that it already existed. However, I’m not able to edit it! The options shown in the drop-down menu are “high,” “medium,” and low. Those are not the fields I need. Do any of you know how to edit an Asana-created custom field? It’s currently locked for editing.

I would say if the default field doesn’t meet your needs, create a brand new field and call it something Different, like “.Priority”, “Priority (Team Name)”, or something else.

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Yes you can’t edit Asana default field. Create your own and use a slightly different name.

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