Can't change emails!!!

I just spoke to an EXTREMELY rude young lady at Asana who told me that their support line does not have a phone number so I’m hoping that someone on this forum can help me.

When I entered in an assigned individual to my tasks, I didn’t want to invite them just yet so I entered a bogus email so that I would retain the assignment and not have to go back. Now, I understand that there is no way to update these emails???!!! Please tell me this isn’t so! What an incredible oversight in UI design!!

Welcome to the Community Forum @Karen_Jaffe and thank you for reaching out.

My sincere apologies for all the trouble here. Let me see if I understood this correctly.

After creating a Task, you assigned it to a random email address since you didn’t want to assign or add as a collaborator to anybody yet. Now you want to change the assignee of that particular Task. Am I correct here?

You can change the assignee of the Task anytime you need. You just need to hover over the assignee field and click the X icon that appears. Then you can reassign it again.

You can find more information about it in this very handy article:

Please, let me know if this is what you were asking and if there is anything else I can help you with!

PS: I have deleted the other 2 posts you have made with the same request to avoid duplications. I hope that is OK.

No, you aren’t understanding. I don’t want to change the assignee, I want to correct the email that I entered as an assignee. Now I have a bunch of assignees that I can’t use. This should be updated as a bug. It’s not okay that I can’t add emails in to an assignee and be forced to invite them on the spot. I was told I had to reenter the ENTIRE PROJECT. So very wrong. Your online tool is color coded for visual assessment - why wouldn’t you allow users to leverage this when entering the project. Awful UI design. Know your customers.

Do you have a solution here?

Hi there @Karen_Jaffe! Sorry again for the trouble you’ve been having here.

Generally when you’re in the process of drafting a task, I’d recommend either simply assigning it to yourself or creating it in a private project that you access whenever you need it, and then once the task is ready to go, you can unassign it from yourself (or remove it from the private project) and then assign it to the person’s correct email address. Just to be clear as well, the task will automatically save so there’s no need to add a dummy address as the progress you’ve made won’t be lost. When you enter an address in the Assignee or Collaborator field of a task and they are not already a Member/Guest of your Workspace/Organization, an invite is sent to that address inviting them to join the space with you.

If you would like to you remove these dummy email addresses, you can do so easily by accessing the Admin Console, navigating to the Members tab and hovering over these email addresses (they’ll be listed as pending invitations) and removing them -

Once you’ve done that, you can then make whatever adjustments to these tasks you’d like and once they’re ready, you can assign them to the real people.

If you have any follow-up questions here or if you’re still unsure, please let me know! I’ll be happy to assist you further!

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I thank you for at least giving me some information other than what I was originally provided from Asana which was “delete the project and start over”. This at least gives me some avenue albeit doesn’t solve my problem. Having said that, you need to understand how users are potentially going to use your system. Having to deleted these members and re-add them is not optimal. There should be an option to change their email addresses from this same screen. This is not a real solution. Many people are very task oriented. We like to enter in tasks and assign them to people before sending any invitations. This functionality shouldn’t be tied. Your color coding makes this very inviting to do so because we take a broad brush as to the assignments based on these colors. Now having to go back and delete these members just to change an email address is ridiculous. People change email addresses. You have to be able to do this without deleting and re-adding. This is just not a good solution. It’s a hammer to fix a small item.

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Thanks for your reply @Karen_Jaffe. I definitely hear you here and am sorry again for any frustration caused. The issue with introducing the ability to edit people’s addresses is that an Asana account holder can be a Member of several different Workspaces or Organizations that aren’t necessarily related to each other from the one account. It is also possible to have several email addresses associated with the same Asana account. Therefore, all account holders have full autonomy over their own Asana account (i.e. their profile and notification settings, the email addresses they have associated with their Asana account, the Workspaces & Orgs they create or join etc.). If someone’s address has changed, the onus is then on the account holder to update this from their own account.

That being said, I’d love to hear more about the current workflow you’re using here. I’d be happy work with you on possibly making some slight adjustments that would suit both you and your team’s needs so you can get the most out of Asana without making any drastic changes to your current process.

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