Can't add second email address/merge accounts



I’m trying to merge accounts and am unable to do so. I add the secondary email, get the authentication window to pop up, enter my google email address again, enter my password, and hit sign in.

After that, nothing happens except a message appears in settings that I need to re-login to my primary email address, even though I’m already logged-in to both via google.


Sorry for the trouble here! Can you please write in to with more details so we can take a closer look? We’ll need both email addresses to see what’s going on, on the backend. Feel free to tag me once you email Asana support and I’ll check on the status of your ticket. Thanks @Gabriel_Wolf!


Thanks for the reply, @Terri_Burden. That’s what led me here. I filled out that form and they told me to post here. Now I’m being told to fill out that form?


Oh no! I definitely don’t want to give you the runaround. My apologies. If I can just capture both your email addresses, I can look into this issue for you. I’ll send you a personal message. Thanks for your patience and sorry for the trouble!


Hi I’m experiencing a similar problem to what Gabriel describes. My organization needed to change its email addresses in our G Suite ( became When I tried to access Asana after the change, it made me a new user. It asked me if I want to merge with the original account. I do want to merge the accounts so that I can retain my old information. But Asana won’t let me merge the accounts because when I try it says my password is incorrect. The thing is that I don’t have a password because I login with Google. HELPPP… it’s also impossible to find a customer service phone number or email address to find help from Asana. That’s upsetting when one runs into trouble like this and need to have it solved quickly for their organization. Please help. -Jeff


Hi Jeff - thanks for spelling this out so clearly. This looks like something that will require direct attention from the support team. I’ll escalate the issue to them and you’ll hear from them soon. Thanks.


Thank you Alexis. The support team was able to resolve it by merging my accounts upon written request from the former email account. I’m working with support to learn how I can avoid this in the future as I still need to update 6 emails for my staff. Thanks again.




I am having this exact same issue trying to add a personal gmail email to may account, which was originally set up with my work email.

I messaged support a few days ago but have not heard back yet.


Hi Bill,

Reaching out to the support team was the correct decision in this circumstance. Our support team will get back to you soon. :slight_smile:



I am currently having a similar issue. I started my account with one email address (, which is being phased out and has been replaced with the new one ( I need to have my account and “To Emails” connected to the new email address. I attempted to contact support, but there seems to be a looping issue as when it claims to be redirecting me to the contact form, it just reloads the main help page. Your assistance is appreciated to get this sorted out. Thank you.


Hello I’m having the same issue here. I have 3 different organizations (clients) and each has its own email account. I need to be able to login with one email and choose between the accounts but when I attempt to"add email" i get a “You must login to Google with an email address associated with this account” even though I am logged into that account already. I’ve tried everything, but keeping getting the same message.


Hi folks,
For these types of back end account issues, I recommend that you reach out to Our support team will be happy to help you dig into any specific account questions you have, and the private nature of support messages will allow you to keep your info private. :slight_smile:



+1 here. I did write to support.



I’m having the same issue. I also can’t see how to contact support directly - when I click the support link it has articles etc but I can’t see an email address or form to fill in for specific issues.


Same problem here, i´ve just wrote to support.


@Alexis I’m experiencing this same issue. Have not been able to convert my org to our new email accounts. I went to and see no ability there to open up a ticket either. Can you help me out?


@Alexis I’ve reached out to support twice now with no response. We have all been hesitant to use Asana because all of our old tickets are on our old email addresses and we have no way to easily convert them over. Is there any way around this? We’re really wondering if we should consider switching to another product


I have the same issue as others in this thread, and have tried to find a way to submit a ticket on the support page, and have also not found a way to do that.

Any instructions that lead to an actual ticket submission form would be greatly appreciated. @Alexis


Hi @Alexis - my issue has been resolved, the email (finally!) did come through and the merge worked. Appreciate the work you do monitoring the threads.


Hey @Wes_Kendall / @Wesley_Kendall

I reached out to you via your original support ticket. Hope the advice gets you and your Team on track!

Hope this helps