Can't add collaborators to tasks any more?

Hey All,

We usually add our external clients as collaborators to a task. However, as of today I have noticed that the functionality to add users to tasks have now disappeared?

Please assist!

Hi @Design_Team, it seems to work okay for me. Are you wanting to add users that don’t exist in Asana currently?


Hi, @Jason_Woods,

Yes we would like to add someone as a collaborator to a task…
Before you could click the plus at the bottom of the task and then type and it would come up with a pop up saying invite user to follow or something.

Instead, it now pops up with a message saying “no matches found”.

Can you share a screenshot please?

Okay thanks for the confirmation. Agree it doesn’t seem to work now I got the same “no matches found” as per attached.
But that is not something I have ever tried to do before.

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Yeah, this is what’s happening…before it’d say “invite as collaborator” above.

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Can someone from Asana report on this issue please?

Also, does Asana have some sort of release notes or dev timeline we can have access to. As it’s very annoying when changes are made without letting the end user know…It’s not the first time something like this has happened and broken our workflow!

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Thanks for looping me in @Bastien_Siebman! I’m sorry to hear that this is compromising your workflow. I’ll reach out to my team to find out if this is the intended new functionality or if it is a bug. I’ll reach back out to you when I have an answer.

To answer your question, we do have monthly release notes! The latest notes will be coming in the next few days. We post the release notes in the community (ex. Asana Release Notes, March 2018) and also on our website here.


Shouldn’t the release notes be in realtime? If not (which it isn’t currently), shouldn’t you release your next version of changes after the release notes have been circulated/publicised. As often there seems to be some sort of breaking/disruptive change which interrupts users workflow. At least if we know it’s coming before it is released we can prepare to do something about it and update our workflow.

As a paying customer it’s a bit lame to be paying for a service which is constantly disrupting your workflow. It’s just nice to know in advanced so we can change anything that is disruptive to our workflow as I understand updates/upgrades to your system is essential.



I appreciate that perspective, @Design_Team! I’m not in charge of release note timing, but I’ll definitely pass your thoughts onto those who are.

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+1 here.

I’ve seen compromised our workflow several times because of UI or funcionality changes (deep changes, not cosmetic) without advise.

It completely brakes the user experience and it’s extremelly frustrating.

Thank you!


Same thing happened to me. I feel the same about the disruption in the workflow. It looked like a bug to me first time I noticed, I hope the feature comes back soon.

This was indeed a bug! We should see a fix for this shortly. :slight_smile:


Yes, let us know. We totally need collaborators for our volunteers, board, etc, we have many people who only use their own emails.