Cannot View Imported Project in Calendar VIew

When I import a project, I can view it in the Task view and Board view, but it does not show up in the calendar view. Is there something that I am doing wrong? I dont want to have to manually enter the project as there are almost 500 tasks that would need to be entered.

Hi @S_Khan the only reason I can think of is that non of the tasks have a start or due date set, so therefore there is nothing to display.


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Thanks for your response. Although I don’t have a start date, I do have a due date for the items. Will try changing the date format and try again, perhaps that is the issue??

Hi @S_Khan :wave:t5: I’m curious to know if you were able to solve this issue.

Please note that to be able to import Due Dates with CSV importer, you need to use the standard US date format of month/day/year .

You can read more about the CSV Importer in the following Guide article:

Looking forward to your reply @S_Khan!

Hi @Natalia, I think I figured out what was wrong… my date format (at least its what I am assuming). When importing the CSV there is an option that I believe says ‘fix errors’ which I clicked. This seemed to fix whatever was wrong and I can now see the items in calendar view. When I was initially uploading, I thought this was giving me the option to view the CSV and fix any mistakes that I made, but I have come to realize that it allows the system to fix whatever needs to be fixed. Unfortunately I figured this out after I manually entered all 548 entries :crazy_face: