Cannot switch organisations in Mac Menu Bar app

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: I really like the functionality of being able to add tasks from everywhere using the shortcut. However I’ve part of multiple organisations and I want my tasks to appear in my own organisation. I believe it’s an oversight that I cannot set the organisation of the tasks created using this method. I doesn’t really need to be chosen on every task in my situation (although I might be handy), but in general I would like to be able to choose the organisation. Now it appears that the first one the app was linked to is chosen

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Hi @Tim_Bertens, welcome back to the Forum, and thank you for your feedback. You are correct, at this time it’s not possible to select the space where the task will be created when using the Mac menu bar. It defaults to the space originally linked to the app. I’m moving your topic to our Product Feedback Section so that other users can upvote it Hopefully we can add this additional functionality in a future update!