Cannot open .msg attachments on a mac

When an Outlook email is attached to an Asana task, I am unable to open or view it in Asana on my MacBook Pro.

Hi @Stan_Darville and welcome to the community forum! Generally speaking, we don’t recommend using Outlook emails as attachments as they’re not supported by Asana. I don’t use Outlook myself but from what I know these can only be opened with Outlook (or at least by default).

Sorry I can’t be o a greater help!

Why does it work on a Windows machine but not on a Mac? I have to virtually log on to my machine at the office to do my work. I love Asana, but this is frustrating!

If you have MSG files and You cannot open these files without MSG, So, in this case, I will suggest perfect Software for an opening MSG file. Use MSG Viewer Software that is capable to open all MSG files in just one click with all attachments. The Software supports all versions of Windows.

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