Cannot join team

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: I’ve been invited to a team but when I click the link to join the team, I get stuck here, as the team I’ve been invited to does not show up.

Steps to reproduce: See above. I open the email in my inbox, click on ‘Accept Invite’, select ‘Join teammates’ as main goal, ‘General project management’ as kind of work (although any option for this category gives the same results), and then ‘Continue’.

Browser version: Chrome Version 80.0.3987.122 (Official Build) (32-bit)

Upload screenshots below:

Welcome to the Forum @Stefanie_Novakowski and thank you for reaching out!

Sincere apologies for the trouble here. Please have a look at the following guide article:

You should be able to join the Team following the steps outlined there but if you continue to experience difficulties don’t hesitate to ping me here and I’ll be more than happy to assist you further :slight_smile:

Have a nice day Stefanie!