Cannot drag and drop tasks within a section - Business Membership - Case #220402

When I try to move a task within a section, I can left click and drag the task, but it is not showing the line below which it will place the task and I can’t place the task anywhere. When I release the left mouse button, the task just goes back to where it was. This problem happens in both list and board views. It only started happening Wednesday. I shut down and restarted my PC and Asana, but I still have the problem. I tried the recommended browser changes and even a different browser. I entered and got a case number yesterday, but have heard nothing and am dead in the water until this issue is fixed.

Steps to reproduce: Left click and drag a task and try to drop it at a different place within the section in List view. Or, left click and drag a task and try to drop it elsewhere within the section in Board view.

Browser version: Google Chrome and Edge

Upload screenshots below:

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Hi @Urmi_Janet_Allan,

Can you confirm your project isn’t filtered or sorted by anything?

I am experiencing the same problem.

I’m new to forums, so I don’t know if I should post this comment or just wait for @Urmi_Janet_Allan 's problem to be solved. In any case, I’d be very glad to see the resolution of this issue.

@Arlindo_Lins, can you confirm if your project isn’t filtered or sorted by anything?

Could you also share a screenshot of your project?

I replied by email, but I’ll reply here, too. It turns out that the project tasks were being sorted by date, though I had not turned that on. It must have been picked up from the project I copied. However, it was confusing as I didn’t have any dates in the project, so I can’t imagine what it was using to sort. Once I removed the sort, I was able to move the tasks. Thanks for your help. I just wish it hadn’t taken 5 days to hear back from you for such a simple issue.

Glad to hear the issue is sorted. In some cases you’ll get faster answers here than via our support team (if you’re using the free version of Asana for example), so don’t hesitate to reach out if you’ve question in the future.