Cannot Contact Customer Support


Any time I try to find a way to directly contact Asana with issues, I am rerouted to the same page that only allows me to search the help section. No email address, contact form, etc. is ever provided. I do not want to add complaints and issues to the community forum when it’s not appropriate, but this is literally the ONLY method to actually contact Asana the company. Every link that says “contact us at” takes you to the same help section with no contact methods provided. Please post a contact form or email address so that we don’t clutter the community boards when trying to contact Asana. This is 2018, not offering the ability to actually contact support is just not acceptable or responsible.


Hi @Jax_Gitzes, when you’re at, and can’t find what you’re looking for through their self-serve support platform, you should be able to scroll down towards the bottom of the page until you come to a purple section that says, “Still can’t find an answer?
Help is on the way! We just need to check your account to send you to the right place.”

If you click on the button that says “Let’s Talk”, it should take you to a contact form for you to submit to the Support team.

Hope this helps!