Cancelled task., Extended task, solution of task, modification of task, initaial task alteration.

I manage an IT team, our tasks are not linear to one person or time frame or even completion as they may be extended for reasons or modified or cancelled.

  1. Add Cancelled task option and in filter

  2. Add extending task option for semi-complete task option and in view filter, a semi complete status enforce to modify of sub-task not marked complete or cancelled (complete, pending, cancelled may be mentioned in muli line results in main view instead of one line each task).

  • For any reason justification to extend, cancel, modify, add sub tasks, such reason may alter initial plan steps and hence even its primary task.
  1. Add solution option upon complete of main or complete tasks.

  2. Filter by date of ceation for chronological order.

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, @Mohammad_Saleh! and welcome to the Asana Community Forum. Have you tried using Custom Fields to add this information to your tasks? You can find more details here: Custom Fields • Asana

or would you like to have an option like “Mark Complete” but for “Cancelled task”? :slight_smile:

Hi Emily,

Mark Complete may also become Canceled Task, strike-through when cancelled.

Date/Time task creation is of utmost importance, in disregard of any other date, as that indicates time of intention, should be changeable for flexibility.

We reviewed Trello, Clickup, Planner and nTask.
Asana is the best because we can view as list, filtered by Complete, Incomplete, All.

I wish there were a filter by creation date/time.

Intuitive, less learning curve.

Ms Emily, Thank you.

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Active, Complete, Cancelled or Extended are primary states, adding a field for other than the currently available check mark would conflict with these states of task.

Date of task is created when task is created which makes that primary, it could be edited, but its main creation is set, like your age.

Above are important in sorting too, so maybe multi sorting options.

More suggestions:

  • When someone update task description, contributors are not notified.



When a link is pasted in a task’s description, last character is excluded from the link, that is because your android program recognise a forward slash which is a usual end of a URL as a start of a new string, like: