Can you view which tag is first?


Is there a way to rearrange which tag appears first since you can’t see all of them at once?
This screenshot is from “My Tasks” view:

For instance, the first visible bubble is the project where that task lives.
The second bubble is my tag for “Follow Up” telling me this is something I need to check in on.
I can’t see any additional tags at a glance, so I don’t immediately know what client this tag pertains to, which is my primary need, followed by whatever additional tag info I may have thought was important.

I’m still playing with how to set up Asana in my new company, so I’m not married to any particular methodology at this point. I’m playing with having each client be its own project vs having a master “Jessica’s Clients” project and having each client be its own section. I’m still in the free version, so I haven’t yet played with Custom Fields and how they may help me when I’m just trying to organize myself at a glance in My Tasks.

Any thoughts are appreciated!


Hi @Jessica_J_Myers

Thanks for your question. As far as i am aware there is no way of organising the place of tags in the list. You can use custom fields if you need a field to be prioritised. I believe tasks are a bit messier than custom fields, but everything depends on wether you have the pro version or not.