Can you implement an away message to provide coverage info within Asana like how Outlook operates and also add specific times as an option?


Your away message is limited in usage. It is great at telling users that someone is away, but then how do they know what to do next?

Please look into adding an option to provide an away message as well where you can indicate who will be providing coverage while you are away.

I also dislike that we can’t choose specific times for our away message. Many times we are taking time off for just half the day. It is also much more effective to set away message at the end of your last working day instead of the first day you are out. If anyone sends work after hours on your last working day, they have no way to know you are out unless you happen to just choose Away without dates at the end of your last working day. It is easier to set it up ahead of time so you aren’t rushing to get everything done at 5 pm on your last day.

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