Can we create a report where it lists the PROJECT due date?

When you assign a PROJECT a due date, where is this seen? Can I run a report that shows me the OVERALL due date for a project?


Reports are for tasks, Portfolio might be the way to go, adding all projects to a portfolio and sorting by date. @Julien_RENAUD you might be more familiar than me with Portfolios, what doyou think?

@KarenV, Asana2Go shows the project due date, start date, and project owner, among other things, as shown in the screenshot here:

Disclosure: I’m the creator.

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Hi @Bastien_Siebman
Yes Portfolio shoud be the solution as it shows the project’s start/due dates and owner. But I’m Premium then I’ve never tried :wink:

The due date also appears on the timeline with a vertical bar.