Can we Copy Sub Tasks to a project?



I am a Product Manager. I see similar tasks being worked by my developers across various sub-tasks. I would like to know is there a way to copy sub tasks to more than 1 projects? If yes please assist.


Hi @Vijay_Chinnaraj
I think what you’re referring to is the ability to have one subtask live in multiple projects.
You can do this by going to the subtask and clicking Tab + P (the keyboard shortcut to add to a project).
Hopefully this will help you alleviate any duplicate efforts happening across multiple (sub)tasks and get everything centralized a bit.
Let us know if that does the trick!


Thanks Shannon - it works. But giving a simulation or tooltip should have avoided this step. Thank you so much. It makes my life easy now.


Hi, to extend on this theme - lets say I collected a bunch of idas from a meeting as subtasks, and now want to allocate those subtasks to their relevant projects in bulk. Is there any group way to assign subtasks to additional places or must it be done one subtask at a time?