Can there be a conversation tabs under specific team members?


Just a thought for how I use Asana! I have one-on-one meetings once a week with my interns. Generally, we discuss the two programs they are planning (each program being its own project in Asana). However, we also often discuss bigger picture items outside of their projects. Typically, I log relevant information from our meetings into the conversations tab under the projects. However, that big picture stuff doesn’t sensibly belong in those projects.

Right now, when I click on a team member’s icon, I get to the page that says
“[Person]'s tasks in [Workspace]”, and underneath I see “List”, “Calendar”, and “Files”. I think it would be wonderful if, similar to the project pages, there was a “Conversations” tab here where I could log notes from our one-on-one meetings. Possibly it could even link to their projects (meaning I only need to log one conversation, but it shows up in the conversation tab for the person, and each project tagged), but that would just be fluff and not really a necessary feature.

Right now I use Asana for almost everything related to my team, but I have to use Google Docs or OneNote to keep information regarding our one on one discussions, because the bigger picture information doesn’t fit under the project conversations.

That would really help bring everything together into Asana for my team!