Can the FORM in Asana become template or Save as a template?

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Other users have requested the same feature so if you don’t mind, I’ve gone ahead and merge your post with this main thread to consolidate feedback and votes. Please, feel free to add your vote!

And while I don’t have any timeline to share at the moment, I’ll make sure to keep you posted in this thread as soon as I have an update on my end!

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bump! :slight_smile: Still reallllly hoping to see this.

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100% agree that this needs to be implemented, Crazy to think that this wasn’t part of the original release. Who uses Asana for just one project? Pretty sure Asana is for teams and multiple projects/tasks, often similar types of projects/tasks.

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+1 - if I can’t share forms across multiple projects it is rendered mostly useless. I don’t want to have to recreate the same form additional times. :unamused:

+20 here, can we PLEASE get it so we can copy forms across or at the very least allow them to be copied with the project template! It seems crazy to me that this isn’t obvious! Sort it out Aana!

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+1 here. This would be really helpful!

We need to place the Form in Template to creat Projects with the same Form.

i cant belive thats not possible at this time. Please make it possible ASAP

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+1 Was just looking for this thinking i was doing something wrong. I have Templates that i could have a standard set of questions in a form. I would want the form to be created along with the template for new projects. Or have the ability to copy an existing form and paste it into any project i want.

Our company invested in the premium services with the assumption we could use custom forms across projects. We were hoping to use Forms for all of our Project Intake processes with customers. From other threads, I see this has been a request/concern for at least a year. We enjoy the ease of use and flexibility of this application, but investing in premium service and lacking one of our top needs is disappointing. This is a logical and needed upgrade and I hope it’s being prioritized by the Asana team.

Thank you,

This is the ONE thing holding us back from upgrading to asana for business. Please please… PLEASE someone tell me how to vote for this feature… I will have my entire company vote for it. And asana would make bank off the upgraded user fees. Win win.

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Forms is a fantastic idea, and I love that the content goes into a task once submitted. But not being able to make it a template is really making it not useful at all. It would be great if a form could be duplicated across any other project you like, and if you copy a project then the form is copied too.

We create a new project for each customer. Each customer has the same survey we want them to fill out. It’s a big waste of time to have to re-create the same form for every new customer.

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Saving a form as part of project template is absolutely necessary

+1 here!! We are considering upgrading to Asana Premium and this is sooo necessary for our team usage- can’t really understand why this isn’t available at this point. PLEASE PLEASE Asana work this out.

Please make it possible to save Forms as templates.

How is this still not a feature???

I was excited to bring forms to my team to ENSURE that we consistently collect the information needed for our clients, and was bummed to learn that you can’t template it… isn’t that the whole purpose of Asana, streamline & templates? The forms feature is essentially useless then and should be removed altogether.

@Stephanie_McIntyre1 @ashlyn.luttrell

Just tried this feature today as I was developing a Creative Brief. While you can’t save this as a template to reuse multiple times, YOU CAN however work around it.:

  • Set up a project template and call it Creative Requests, or Project Briefs, or whatever fits best.
  • Create your form, which will give you a link that you can share.
  • Every time you send this link out and someone submits the form, a new copy of the submitted form will appear in the Creative Requests Project you had set up as a Task. It will say “Form Submitted.”
  • In asana, you can move a task to another project, and since this form submission and its contents appear as a task, you can simply click the “apps-looking icon” next to the check mark and drag it to the left of your screen where all of your projects are listed. Of course drag it to the corresponding project and you can rename it whatever you want once it’s there.

Give it a try!

Wow! That’s actually a great suggestion! I will give it a go!

Voted +1 – Total agree here! We use Asana to manage monthly sprints across all of our clients, creating a new Asana project for each month/sprint. Was just exploring this as a way to standardize new backlog additions, requests and/or in-sprint fixes… and was surprised to learn templating forms is not an option. The lack of this feature represents a sizable limitation for us in how forms can be leveraged due to the recurring nature of how we use Asana.

Hi everyone!

Our Product Team has rolled out this feature and you all now have access to the option to duplicate forms when creating a project from a template or when duplicating a project containing a form :tada: This feature will allow you to save forms as templates.

Thanks for sharing this great feedback with us!