Can Templates be shared across Teams?

Hi! New Asana (potential) Asana user…we are currently in trial to determine if this will work for our team’s needs. One question I haven’t been able to answer through the great documentation is if I am able to share Templates across Teams. Is this possible?

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Hi @elizabeth.earin and welcome to the forum!

Yes, definitely possible. When you choose to create a new project, you’re given the chance to create it from a template. At that stage, all templates from all teams will be listed for you to choose from. You can’t tell that from the template documentation because it only shows one team (“Marketing”) (and that screenshot is a little outdated), but here’s an example from one of my accounts - you can see I have one template available in the Flowsana Testing team and one in the Personal team:

Once you select a template, the next step is to name the project and select in which team you want it created (and define its privacy level). That can be the same team where the template lives, or a different team.


Thank you!

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Hi! Jumping onto this thread to ask a follow-up question. I am currently exploring upgrading a few specific teams within my organization to premium status. Can templates created in one premium team be used by the other premium teams?

Additionally, is it possible to create a project from a template within a premium team and then move that project into a team that’s not premium?

Thank you :slight_smile: