Can my assistant edit one of my tasks from within calendar?



My PA and I are trialling Asana - had it for a few weeks.

One thing which is vexing her is that when she is looking at projects assigned to me, and when they are to be done/due by, she prefers to look in calendar view. If something changes due date she can drag and drop my tasks - but she doesn’t seem to be able to edit them IN the calendar view. She has to go back out to the team view and edit my tasks manually.

I can edit my own tasks in Calendar view - presumably because they are mine.

Does anyone have a hack/workaround/way of her editing tasks which are assigned to me in her calendar view?




Hi Alistair -

Assuming the project your assistant is looking at isn’t Comment Only where she doesn’t have edit rights (, she should be able to edit the tasks in the calendar view by double clicking into the task on the calendar to open up the task details. She can also drag & drop the task on the calendar to change the due date (