Can I sync a single task from Asana to Google or only whole projects?


If I create a lunch meeting tomorrow at noon in Asana (by creating a single task - NOT a project), can I add that single task to my Google Calendar? And can you only manually sync? Is there no automatic sync feature?


Hi Michael,
I have not tried to sync the Google calendar so far, but you find some infos about it here:

If you need to create a project to select only this to sync, I would just create one and call it “In sync with Google” or so.



Hey @Michael_Sorcinelli; Michael from Asana here.

@Sebastian_Paasch is absolutely right. You can only sync whole Projects at one time. Therefore if you only wished to sync one Task, create your own Project for this Task, the sync it to your Calendar, by following the instructions available at the link Sebastien posted above!