Can I print with free version?

Hi, I am trying to export or print my tasks. I do not see the option in any menus. Do I need to use a paid version to get the print or export option?


In My Tasks or a project, use the Project Actions menu to find either Print or Export/Print like this:

Another option with many more capabilities is Asana2Go (disclaimer: I’m the creator):



I don’t know why.but the action menu does not shown up for me. Does it have to be enabled?

Your app sounds great I will try it.

@AnnMarie_Mahoney-Ken, No, it doesn’t have to be enabled, and I’ve not heard of that before, so the common recommendation would be:

Follow these troubleshooting steps and if the problem remains, contact Support to investigate further.

Thanks for the nice comment on Asana2Go.


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