Can I mark tasks as "semi-complete"?



I work in Asana against third party programmers that mark tasks as complete as soon as the tasks go into production.

But production can take a week or so and by that time I lose tracking control over whether those tasks actually got completed or not.

Is there any way to handle this scenario? I think basically we need no just “complete” or “not complete” but something in the middle.


Have you tried with custom fields (if you’re Premium)?


Or you could make “put into production” a job step & have “successful production operation” the criteria for completion.


Yeah I would simply but in two tasks. I do this for most of mine!

T1: Submit blahblahblah
T2: blahblahblah Completed

Might not be the cleanest, but I dont think a partial complete like you are asking for would look too clean either :slight_smile: