Can I integrate another company's asana with my own?


Hi! I use asana for the design company I own. I was hired as a consultant at another company, given an email address at their domain, and access to that company’s asana.

I need to be able to see my own company’s asana and theirs throughout the day. They added me using my email address at their domain to a team project on their asana.

Is there a way to integrate the project on their asana with my own company’s asana? Right now, I have to log out of mine and into theirs in order to see that project.


@Michelle_Edgemont Are you seeing their company when you click your icon picture in the top right corner? Also it may be possible to create hyperlinks in your company to the other company and see how Asana handles it.


No, I’m not seeing that company when I click the icon. I was invited to their asana via the email address they assigned to me from their own gsuite.

Ok, I’ll research the hyperlinks. Thanks!


Why not use your own Asana email in all your client Asana account. Does not take one of their seats and their company will then show up on your icon for switching. Also your hyperlinks won’t open a new Asana.


Would they have to send me a new invite to their company’s team to my own company’s email address?


Yes if they have not already.


Hi @Michelle_Edgemont! I agree with @James_Carl here, I’d recommend them adding you with your own email address to their Organizations ( This way you won’t count toward their premium plan and will still have access to their premium features. It will also be much easier to toggle between their Organization an yours ( If you have already created a seperate account, you should be able to merge it with the account you created in the first place! :wink: