Can I have only a part of my organization with Premium and the rest with basic


I have read topics about Premium member and I understand that if I have one person Premium all the others members on the same domain will be premium. Am I right ?

I wish to have approx. 5 persons that will be premium. My goal is to have them as ‘‘chief of the team’’ assign task with beggining and endding date but that the other members of the team will be free (basic plan) and will only have access to their task and the end date.

If I understand right, this will not be possible ? I need to have them all basic or all premium ?

Thank you


Correct @GC1! You can choose to either update your whole Organization or just a Team, but in both cases, you will have to upgrade all members in the Org or in the Team; it is not possible to upgrade only specific people.

If you have more questions regarding a potential upgrade, I would recommend reaching out directly to our Sales Team.

Have a great day!