Can I customize my card in board view to see avatars of everyone involved in that task?


Even though only one person “owns” any given task, the reality is that often two or more folks are collaborating on that task. Is there a way to see the followers’ avatars in card view? Trello and Taskworld allow you to see everyone who is involved in a particular task in their card view. Really helps when I’m looking at a board. I can’t tell if there is a way to do this? I’m still trying to decide whether or not to go with Asana. This is just one of many little details I am considering. Thx.


Hi @Anne_Downey - thanks for your feedback! At this time it is not possible to see avatars in card view. However, we can see how this would be helpful. We’re still in the early stages of Boards and we’ll keep your suggestion in mind as we move forward.