Can I automate an advanced search to run at regular intervals?

I’ve got an advanced search I like saved for a specific category of my team’s tasks. I know I can set up an automated, repeated task to remind me to run the search, but is there a way I can actually have Asana run the search, possibly as a Report or on my Dashboard (or somewhere) automatically each week, and see the results?

Hello @Mike_Hart1 and welcome to the community. The saved searches are dynamic and all you must do is refresh the page to show you updated tasks in the saved search. It’s the same with the reports and dashboards. See it as a snapshot at that specific timestamp.

Does that answer your question?

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Hey, Paul. Thanks for your response! Yeah, it answers my question, but it sounds like maybe I can’t automate it to do exactly what I want it to do, which is not a shortcoming of Asana. I’ll play around with refreshing my saved search (good to know they’re dynamic), and see if that generates the data I’m looking for. Thanks again!

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@Mike_Hart1 - What’s your use case? Are you trying to share with someone external or something?

If you need a scheduled snapshot of where things stand, you can use Zapier or Integromat to set up an automation scenario to generate a list of tasks that matches your report and populates a spreadsheet or sends you an email with the results.

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