Can I assign a due date when I email a task to my Asana projects?



I have just learned how to forward my emails to my projects in Asana and I absolutely love it! I always send the email to myself because they’re my tasks, but what I would really love is to assign the due date to myself too.
I use Asana by myself and my workflow relies on the My Tasks list which is organized by due dates that I assign myself. Can due dates be incorporated into the email task feature?


Hi @Sally_Lee :wave:t3:

As it stands, it is not possible to add a due date when creating a task via email but I would advise you to add your vote to this thread from our #productfeedback category.


Thanks! I did it. Looks like the topic hasn’t been discussed since 2017? But it’s in the pipeline?



I don’t have any precise update at the moment but will keep you posted on the feedback thread as soon as I do!