Can guests view custom fields?


@Alexis I see this thread is a bit old, but hopefully Asana can answer me.

I am added on our client’s workspace (they have over 100 users) but I can’t find any custom fields in their projects (which I run on their workspace).

Is this feature not fully rolled out yet?

Q&A with the Asana PM who helped launch custom fields!

Hi @Paul_Reich

Organization Guests (those that do not have a company email address) cannot modify a project’s custom fields)


Thanks @Cosmina_Sipos - I can’t see custom fields at all. Does that mean that as a guest I cannot interact with custom fields at all (on their workspace)?


Hi Paul,

If custom fields are configured for the task or project, you should be able to see them.


@Paul_Reich do you mean add custom fields and/or view them when they are already filled?


Any of the above I guess. Currently I can’t see any, nor the option to configure.

I’m in contact with the client to get them to create them though.


Custom Fields are a feature of a premium subscription. If you are a guest of a Premium Subscription or an upgraded Premium Team Project you should see custom fields. A free subscription will only see custom fields if they are a member or guest of a Premium member as I understand.


Hi @Paul_Reich! Any update on this issue? Do you know if your client’s Workspace is a Premium Workspace? If you can’t see custom fields it might indicate that they never used them or that they are operating on the free version of Asana. Keep us posted! :slight_smile:


Definitely a paid account because they have over 100 users - but I’m still struggling to understand their setup or whether anyone has ever used custom fields.

Will feed back here when I know more.


Chiming in here because I am experiencing a similar issue and don’t see a resolution above.

A freelance designer working with us is unable to see the project details I’m putting into my task’s custom fields. Therefore, I’m having to re-paste the information into the description area or send him a screenshot of the information (which, of course, then removes hyperlinks to files he needs).

Any chance someone figured out if/how guests can view the information in custom fields? I don’t want him to modify them in any way - just VIEW them. Thank you!


Hi @Elizabeth_Elmore,

Are you sure this designer is a member of the project? Anyone who is a member of a project should be able to see and change the values of custom fields in that project, including guests.

If you need him to be able to edit other aspects of tasks in the project, you’re out of luck; Asana doesn’t provide a way to make only custom fields view-only.

If you want to make the whole project view-only for him, you should be able to do that by making it a comment-only project for him; see the “Change access settings for individual project members” section of this page in the Asana Guide.


Thank so much for the quick response, Phil! The freelance designer is NOT a member of our organization - he’s a guest using a different email address from my team. And he is a member of the team in which this project is housed. He’s a follower on that project and on the task and subtasks of what he’s working on.

And when I said I don’t want him to modify our custom fields, I really just meant that I, at the very least, need him to be able to read all of the information in the custom fields since those are the specs and links he needs to do the work. If he has the ability to modify the fields, it’s OK with me.

I guess I just find it frustrating that guests can’t view the complete custom field contents; it’s grayed-out and some information is cut off. I’m having to copy and paste the informaiton into the description field in order for him to see details of the project.


That shouldn’t be the case and sounds really odd. Could you possibly post a screenshot showing an example of what he’s seeing?