Can guests view custom fields?


@Alexis I see this thread is a bit old, but hopefully Asana can answer me.

I am added on our client’s workspace (they have over 100 users) but I can’t find any custom fields in their projects (which I run on their workspace).

Is this feature not fully rolled out yet?

Q&A with the Asana PM who helped launch custom fields!

Hi @Paul_Reich

Organization Guests (those that do not have a company email address) cannot modify a project’s custom fields)


Thanks @Cosmina_Sipos - I can’t see custom fields at all. Does that mean that as a guest I cannot interact with custom fields at all (on their workspace)?


Hi Paul,

If custom fields are configured for the task or project, you should be able to see them.


@Paul_Reich do you mean add custom fields and/or view them when they are already filled?


Any of the above I guess. Currently I can’t see any, nor the option to configure.

I’m in contact with the client to get them to create them though.


Custom Fields are a feature of a premium subscription. If you are a guest of a Premium Subscription or an upgraded Premium Team Project you should see custom fields. A free subscription will only see custom fields if they are a member or guest of a Premium member as I understand.


Hi @Paul_Reich! Any update on this issue? Do you know if your client’s Workspace is a Premium Workspace? If you can’t see custom fields it might indicate that they never used them or that they are operating on the free version of Asana. Keep us posted! :slight_smile:


Definitely a paid account because they have over 100 users - but I’m still struggling to understand their setup or whether anyone has ever used custom fields.

Will feed back here when I know more.