Can guest user see "everything"



We have a number of employees who should all have “full access”, i.e. see and be able to edit all tasks and projects.

But then we also have a couple fo external consultants, who should only have access to specific projects (but be able to fully add/edit tasks there). The consultants should not be allowed to edit the project’s settings, e.g. add/remove members etc.

How should we set this up?


Hey @Kjell_Rilbe. I would advise you to add your external consultants only to projects they should be working on (, this way they won’t be able to see anything else with the Team or Organization. Alos, if you have a Premium account, you might be interested in our new user permissions, which essentially allow your members to view or comment on projects without giving them access to edit them. For more info, you can check out this article: Hope this helps! :slight_smile: