Can Dynamic Email remove sensitive info from a task I've hidden from a person?

Let’s say I tag someone accidentally and they become a collaborator on a task that contains sensitive info. If I realize my mistake and remove them from the task, the info is no longer available in any shape or form on but they still have the contents in their email (via notification).

I noticed that Asana uses “dynamic email” and the contents seem to load dynamically – when I click the notification email in my Gmail, first I see a loader for a short while and only then the contents appears.

This gave me hope that maybe the contents with sensitive info becomes inaccessible if I remove their access from the task but it doesn’t seem to be the case – in a test I did, I can still see sensitive info even if the other person removes my access.

Can someone confirm it behaves like this? At least the email is not sent immediately, I’ve seen delays between 30 and 60 minutes so it gives me time to fix my error.

(BTW it would be really great if there was an option NOT to add someone as a collaborator automatically when they are mentioned.)