Can Asana be integrated with Outlook calendar?

Can Asana be integrated with Outlook calendar?

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Hi @Gary_Held :wave:t3:

Yes, you can sync Asana with your Outlook calendar; simply follow the steps in this article: And if you use Outlook for your emails, you might also be interested in our Outlook add-in to turn your emails into actionable tasks in Asana :slight_smile:

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any follow-up questions,!

Sorry, but sync does not work with me (Outlook 2016 for Win). Changes in Asana or Outlook, after the initial sync, are not applied. And obviously I am not the only one!

That doesn’t work for Outlook on Mac. I’ve even set Outlook as my default calendar and that didn’t help.

Odd. So it didn’t work when I tried it but coming in today I see it listed. Now how do I remove it so I can do a training video for my team?