Can Asana Approvals do the following quote process please?

I have for a long time wanted the following system, can Asana do this? It sounds like it could if every customer was an Asana user, but not sure if this is possible as they wont be asana users.

  1. Customer emails or fills in a form to request some work which creates a task in our Asana “Quote Request” list. It could be 1 or more tasks that will be free, £40, £4000 whatever.
  2. We get an alert for this, and we can go in and add in a Quote price for it, I assume in a custom field
  3. Customer gets alerted and they can approve or decline, or comment on/discuss it in the task first
  4. If they approve it moves into our general work list

Other key requirements are…

  1. Our customers are not Asana users. I dont want to ask them to create Asana accounts just because they asked me to change a phone number on their website. Larger projects its fine, but we get many customers asking for small single tasks.
  2. So customers can access a public link to see their own tasks created. They wont be able to see any other tasks unless they have a URL for them. So URLs are unique to the task or project.
  3. All the task are visible by us… so we see a master work list from all users in the “Quote Request” list then our work list of course. But as per point (1) individual customers only see their own.


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Hello @Laurence_Cope,

as far as I see when you want to customize a lot you definitely have to combine Asana with tools such as Zapier so you can trigger emails being sent and stuff.
Have a look here: 💌 Send emails from Asana

You can set up the same in Flowsana also.

Asana now has an integration with gmail so you can trigger some emails to be sent: Learn how Asana supports rules integrations • Asana Product Guide

Now for customers to only see their tasks, just to see a task they would need to be at least guest. In this case it is best to create separate projects and provide read-only links.

All in all I think Asana is great for your use case, it just requires some thinking through in regards to the best set up.

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