Can anyone deactivate a workspace?


I’ve searched around a bit but wasn’t clear as to how to navigate this or if I’m missing something.

I created a workspace for a group of people (free version) and have been using it for the summer. I wanted to remove one of the members but then saw that there was no distinction between me (as the owner) and all the other members of the workspace. Which led me to wonder - can any of the other members realistically remove any other member and delete the workspace?

I.e. - Can other members remove me (the owner) from the workspace? And is there a way to prevent that possibility from happening?

Would appreciate any advice!

If they are full Workspace Members (as opposed to Limited Access Members), then yes, they can do any of the above.

Here’s some information on that topic:

The only way is by making them Limited Access Members. (Or by converting the Workspace to an Organization, if you’re all on the same email domain, which would give you more administrative control.)

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