Can an admin see private projects?

I just got admin access to our entire Asana and I’m now cleaning up our organizations ‘dead’ Teams and projects. Before I proceed. Can I as an admin see private projects created within Teams?

We’re on a Premium Plan.

Hi @KevinP, thanks for reaching out!

As an Admin, you can manage Members and Teams. You can see a list of all teams in your Organization and manage it’s permissions, however, you cannot change project permissions or access private projects. Please find more information in this article.

Our community members also replied to a similar question in this thread and you can find some tips: Organization admin

I hope this helps!

Hi @Emily_Roman,

Thank you! I don’t need to access, but can an admin see the the projects by name though? See attachment:

Hey @KevinP! You can only see the private projects in which you are member. For example, in your screenshot, the “Product Project Plan” project is private but you can see it as you are currently part of the project. You won’t be able to see private projects of other users.