Can all project tasks show up in the same place by due date?


I’m just an individual using this for independent work. I have several projects–many of which have tasks with due dates. With other task management software I’ve used, all tasks (in all projects) with due dates show up in order according to due date either on a list or calendar. I assumed this would happen with asana but it looks like I might be wrong. It seems like I would have to add all my tasks from my projects to the “tasks” section for them to all appear in the same place with due dates. This seems ridiculous. Am I missing something? Is there a way for all of my tasks from all projects to show up in the same place in order according to due date without having to add everything to “tasks?” Thanks!



Hi @Michelle_Champlin
If you have assigned the tasks to yourself as you are going to complete them then regardless of what Project they are in they will appear in your My Tasks view. Have a look at this guide article on how to make the most out of the My tasks view -->

If you haven’t assigned the tasks within the project to yourself then a way to view task by due date across all projects would be using advance search assuming you have a premium account.

Hope that helps…


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Thanks Jason!