Can Admin check the tasks created over a week member wise ?

Hi Team,

I am as an Admin of Asana want to check how many tasks are created members wise at one place,
So that i can track the productivity of my members.
Please let me know above

Thanks !

Hi @Pranjul_Sharma :wave:t3:

The new Admin console will give you a great overview of your Team activity, you can learn more about it via this handy article:

If you’re looking for a more detailed report, I would recommend using the Advanced Search with the following criteria:

You can then save it as a Report to quickly access it from your left sidebar :slight_smile:

@Marie, Is the new Admin Console available for a Business Workspace?



HI @lpb :wave:t3:

Admins are only available with Organisations, not with Workspaces! More info :point_right:

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Hi @Marie,

As you have mention above that we can quickly access after save the reports from left sidebar.

I have saved the report but unable to find out it on left side bar.

Can you help me where it is exactly on left side bar?

Thanks !

Hi @Pranjul_Sharma, it should be just under the Reports tab, below your Favorites:


@Marie Thanks !

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