Can a guest create custom fields on subtasks?


I have read the docs but can’t figure out how to create custom fields on a subtask. I’m not seeing any menu options on how to do this. Thanks.



Hi :wave:
Custom fields are attached to a project. Any task in a given project will inherit its custom fields. Beware: a subtask is not part of its parent task project by default! That is the reason why you don’t see custom fields on subtasks…

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Hi @David_S_4,

Like @Bastien explained above subtasks don’t automatically inherit their parent task properties (like custom fields or the parent task project), so if you want to see your custom fields on subtasks, make sure to manually attach your subtasks to the parent task project! More details in this guide article.

Hoep this helps, but please let us know if you have any additional question!



Thank you, however I don’t understand the notion of adding a subtask to a project. doesn’t the subtask already belong to the encompassing project? how could it not belong to the project in which i’m working? a subtask belongs to a task, and a task definitely belongs to a project … still not making sense



A subtask belongs to a task, but does not belong to the project its parent task belongs to. That’s how it works :man_shrugging:



Hi @David_S_4 and apologies for the confusion.

You’re correct, although subtask appear under their parent task in the task grid, they do not inherit their parent task attributes (such as the Project). To add your subtask to the project, simply open the subtask and use the “Tab+P” project to quickly access the project field an manually attach your subtask to the project. We’re hoping to improve subtask later on this year, if you haven’t yet, make sure to add your vote to this thread from our #productfeedback category :slight_smile: