Calling all experts! Answer or post questions to receive an Asana shirt!



Hi community members! We’re very grateful for everyone who’s posted a question, example, or comment so far.
There’s a ton of open questions out there- while our Asana team will be joining to answer these, we’re most excited about hearing from our wonderful community members to learn from experts who use Asana with their teams.

To encourage your participation, we’re hosting a swag giveaway!. The top 10 contributors (calculated by number of posts and comments) over the next week will receive their very own Asana shirt and sticker. Bring your Asana knowledge, and post away!


Thanks, everyone, for your comments and posts last week. There were dozens of great conversations started, and we’re excited to learn more from the experts- all of you :slight_smile:

Congrats to the following members who won our swag giveaway: @JCarl @johnschuster @carlo @mjanofsky @paulminors @sguestsmith @akrasna @jallensantos @AvalonJoe @mattpick I’ll direct message each of you to coordinate the T-shirt delivery <3


I’m winning a shirt.