Calendars - Use Case

Good day,

We have been using Asan pro for a while no maybe a good year.
And we have been loving it and growing with it.

With that said, I have 2 things that constantly hold use back mainly with calendars.
I’m wondering if anyone has found any workaround or know if they will be adding these anytime soon.

Our business and use case.

We have multiple contractors that work for us, they are all part of our team and share the same calendar. They all use our equipment, which we keep track of who is using what. The mission is to keep each job in its own task in the one project so it’s all laid out in the calendar.

So the first issue is and I’m sure many people have this is multiple day jobs that are not in sequential order. Again we want to keep everything in one task to keep track of things so being able to. block a week or two out with only. the days they are working is huge and currently a huge setback.
Example worker works on Sunday but NOT Monday or Tues but Wednesday Thursday Friday and Saturday. Being able to keep that all in one task

Next would be custom filters in the calendar.
We use it for tracking things live which van, equipment this way we can filter on the calendar and see whats overlapping and what’s available. Works out very well.
However, the set back is you can only see 3 things at a given time in a day without clicking on the show more. But from what support tells me the priority of the tasks in the day is random. They can not tell me how the order is chosen. So being able to set the priority or let the priority of the custom filter carry. over the same order.

Reason would be you have a job running for 2 months it might as well be the one that is hidden at the bottom.

Any feedback is welcome.
Would love to hear your thoughts on a way around this or what you’re doing?