Calendar view defaults to seemingly random dates?


Hi, I’m working on setting up Asana for my company, which currently uses Google Calendar for task tracking. Since they’re so used to that, I expect them to use the calendar view almost exclusively. The problem is, whenever I move away from calendar view and then move back, it changes the view to a seemingly random date in November of 2016 instead of today’s date, which I was just looking at. I want it to always default to today’s date. Why does it do this and how do I fix it?

Change Calendar Default Date Range

Hi @Ali_Samson. Are you still seeing this issue? Could be a bug. The calendar view should in fact default to today’s date.

For more info on calendar view, take a look at this Guide article :slight_smile:


I’m having the same issue. It’s defaults to a random date in April and I always have to click “today.” Did you figure out of this is a bug?


Reporting this to the product team!


No matter what I do, my Team Calendar almost always defaults to a blank range of dates about a month or two prior to current day. What gives? Its annoying to have to scroll down every time I open it up.

Also side note, I’m going to echo this guy and say having to click open the weekends every time is really annoying.


I haven’t been using Asana for a number of months now FYI. I just started using it again. That’s why the old dates are blank.


Hi Amy,

This is a bug we’re aware of. Apologies for the inconvenience! Our team will have this resolved as soon as possible. You can see a similar report here.

I’m going to take the liberty of merging these two threads. Feel free to comment if you have further comments or questions.


Following as mine does the same. Thanks!


Hi is there any update to this issue. Mine is doing the same thing and I see this was already reported in August.


Is there a solution to this issue yet? Every time I click away and back to the calendar it goes even further back, usually a week’s jump. I have to wait for everything to completely load before I can hit ‘today’s date’ or it just jumps back in time again a couple of seconds later. Makes it difficult to quickly check deadlines.


Hello. Checking in to see if there are any updates, as I haven’t seen a response to the last couple of posts. We are also dealing with the calendar and opening on a random date issue. We would love to see that fixed, especially as we have just onboarded our entire team and there is already some expected confusion to getting it launched.


Hi Dawn,
Thanks for checking in. Unfortunately no updates on this yet, but we’ll follow up with you when we have them :slight_smile:


Hi Alexis.

Thanks for the reply. Have a great weekend!


Having the same problem. Would love to see this fixed.


I’m having the same issue. Has this been resolved yet?


Hi all - No update yet, but I just followed up with our product team. Hope to have an update soon.


I’m having the same issue and unable to quickly use the Tab-Y shortcut to select the due date to today!


I am currently testing Asana to see if it would suit for our team and the calendar going on random dates is definitly a turn off. For the rest, it does work pretty good. Hope they fix this asap before I present this option to my boss! :slight_smile: thank you !


I’m having the same issue. Is there a fix available yet?


I got the same issue. Is there any fix available?